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A wedding is one of life’s great moments – a time of heartfelt commitments, good wishes, feasting, and joy. Weddings at Saint Agnes’ seek to balance this sense of solemnity and celebration.

First Things

There are many things to be done now that you have decided to be married. First, it is advisable to call and check the availability of the date you have chosen. The second step is to meet with the Parish Priest, usually 6 to 12 months before the wedding, to confirm the arrangements.

The Order of Service

The wedding service is selected from one of the prayer books of the Anglican Church in Australia. One of the exciting aspects of preparing for a wedding is planning to make the service your own. Saint Agnes’ has a wealth of resources and experience to help you realise your dreams for the day.

Wedding Music

Beautiful music makes a wedding special. Saint Agnes’ has a beautiful pipe organ and a fine musical tradition. We can also recommend singers and instrumentalists to make your wedding a memorable occasion.

Legal Requirements

There are several forms to complete. The celebrant will guide you through this process. You will need to establish your age and identity by producing a full birth certificate, and give legal notice of your intended marriage at least one month and one day before the ceremony. Saint Agnes’ will help prepare the relevant documentation, including your wedding certificate.

Frequently asked questions

Download the Notice of Intended Marriage Form

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