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Saint Agnes is a small but vibrant community welcoming people of all faiths and none. It is a place to gather in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, to share inspiring worship, and grow in spirituality.

Recent Activities

Former Vicar publishes ‘5 Uneasy Pieces’

Former Saint Agnes Vicar, Fr. Nigel Wright, recently published ‘5 Uneasy Pieces’, a collection of five essays addressing the question of homosexuality in the Bible, looking at passages in the Old Testament and the New Testament which are often used as a basis for rejecting homosexuality in Christian ethics. Each essay argues, that on the contrary, there is no biblical warrant for condemning either a homosexual orientation or a faithful and committed homosexual relationship.

The ‘uneasy pieces’ of this book are well-written, challenging and stimulating. They come from the pens of Australian biblical scholars within the Anglican communion, who are skilled in both exegesis and hermeneutical theory. The book, as a whole, makes it crystal clear that both sides of the debate take seriously the Bible as the inspired word of God, and both are seeking to discern the Scriptures in order to hear God’s voice speaking to us today.

St. Dorothy Day Mass

A report on the annual St Dorothy’s Day Mass held at St Agnes Glenhuntly on the feast of St Dorothy. ‘All “friends of Dorothy” were invited to share in the celebration. The wonderful thing is that it happened in an otherwise perfectly normal suburban parish that had a rather “out” clergyman (Fr. Nigel Wright), but they really made this event their own. It was advertised widely in the press, and was a key part of the “spirituality” section of the annual Midsumma (LGBT) Carnival. The liturgy was fairly high Anglican, but very welcoming and community oriented, and the attendance was always substantial. It was, in fact, huge fun, and many “friends” of the community also came along. If one had to sum it up in a word, that word would be “fabulous”.’ Visit us again for news about the return of the St Dorothy’s Day Mass to St Agnes.